Anti Indian Movie Review

Blue T-shirt Maran is famous for reviewing movies on Youtube. He is currently starring and directing the film Anti Indian. There was a huge expectation on the film having a political storyline. Did the film live up to the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy


Born to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father, Badshah {Maran. Badshah is murdered by unidentified mysterious persons. Badshah’s body is taken to the mosque for burial. But, the Muslims refuse to bury his body and send the body back, claiming that Badshah did not live as a real Muslim.

The body of Badshah, who was then taken back home, is cremated according to Hindu rites and taken to the burial ground. There is a problem in burying there as the name of the deceased is Badshah. Badshah on the other hand keeps the body and does politics. Was Badshah’s body finally buried? Isn’t it Is the rest of the story.

Analysis of the image

Blue T-shirt Maran plays the role of Badshah. His performance could not be seen as he was a corpse from beginning to end. But, the story revolves around him. The corpse, the religion that refuses to bury, is driving the film as the politics going on around it.

The screenplay moves the first half briskly and the second half slowly. In a few places the facilities are OK, but in many places the facilities are broken. Unnecessary shots seem to be deliberately imposed. Similarly the long shots are also weak for the film.

Praise be to God for showing some of the problems and turmoil between religions and for exposing the intrigues of some ruling class and politicians by religion. Blue T-shirt Marane is composing the music for the film. But, it didn’t get much attention. I can enjoy the cinematography of Kadiravan to some extent.




Unnecessary scenes

The screenplay is not lively

In many places, the facilities are in disarray

Overall the film is about ..

2.25 / 5







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