Charbatta Heritage Screen Review

New ventures rarely take place in Tamil cinema. Thus, from his first film, Pa. Ranjith was the one who imprinted many new things and revolutionary ideas in the minds of the people.

The 5th film in his lineup, The Charbatta Dynasty, has hit the screens today. Did Ranjith’s touch in this film also give him success? Let’s see


Ranjith told the whole story in the trailer of the film. The Sarpatta dynasty and the Idiyappa dynasty have been at loggerheads with each other for a long time.

Initially the hand was raised and the Sarpatta dynasty was lost to the Idiyappa dynasty over time. One day Pashupati will challenge the Sarpatta dynasty not to box anymore if I lose one last fight.

The rest of the story is about how Arya came into the challenge and whether he came and sought success for the Charbatta dynasty.

Analysis of the image

The film proves how much Arya dedicates herself to a story, so much so that when she fights to iron out the body, it looks like she can be trusted even if she beats 10 more. In the second half, he gets drunk and weakens his body and mind and scores an assault on the scene.

Kapilan, Rangan Vathiyar, Vembuli, Raman, have lived up to their roles as Vetri, more than what he played in the film.

In it comes a boxer named Dancing Rose. Ada Yappa, Pudichinga, who is somewhere, has threatened as if they will fight like this, see for yourself.

Boxing is good for a person, but Ranjith sits down and teaches us how life can be ruined by creating animosity outside of the same boxing and using that art for rhetoric.

Arya, in particular, beats his drunken wife, and the next day he falls at his wife’s feet and begs for forgiveness.

The film takes place over a period of time several years ago, showing the then party leaders by name as they are and beautifully visualizing multiple time events in favor of her story, such as the Emergency Order.

The biggest strength of the film is the cinematography, which captures all the crowds so beautifully, but it seems like Santosh Narayanan, who always rocks the bar, has suppressed it, a little disappointing.


The plot of the film, the corresponding screenplay took the boxing fights so realistically.

Speaking of sets, the old Madras was set up as if the set was unknown.

Actor, actresses realistic acting.


It is doubtful if everyone in the film understands many verses, Chennai Tamil does not understand many verses.

The second half is a little longer

All in all, Ranjith took this boxing 80s boxer by the hand and made it so enjoyable.

3.25 / 5







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