Cotton Screenplay

Many films have been released in the Tamil film industry despite many obstacles. Cotton is a movie directed by Prabhu Salomon and starring Vishnu Vishal and Rana Tagupathi. While only talking about people’s problems in the film, Cotton also talks about the problems of the animals that live in the forest. Did the film live up to the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it Let’s see that.


Rana is the guardian of millions of trees and many other animals, including elephants, in a particular forest area near Coimbatore. But the minister is using his power to try to create a township there.

Cotton, who opposes it, buys the ban by law. So Veen blames him and goes to jail. The woods raise the walls for a little township. Cotton, who has just been released from prison, is battling against the township. Whether or not Cotton wins that fight is the rest of the story of the film.

Analysis of the image

The acting of actor Rana is very natural. But his physical acting is reminiscent of the character of actor Vikram’s grandson.

Vishnu Shal Kumki plays the role of an elephant breeder. Vishnu Vishal dazzles the eyes of everyone who sees the film with his performance in some scenes.

The second heroine plays a journalist on one side and a jungle extremist on the other.

Anand Mahadevan plays the villain in Templet who has been seen in many films released in Tamil cinema so far.

Apart from Vishnu Vishal and Rana, director Prabhu Solomon may have focused on the casting of others.

All the scenes in the jungle are wonderfully filmed, A.K. Ashok Kumar.

The story of the film is commendable. But there may have been little focus on the screenplay.


Rana’s acting




May have focused on the characters

The screenplay is not lively

Cotton has evolved into something that talks about forests and animals as a whole.







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