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Two and a half years after Surya starrer, produced by Sun Pictures, the movie that has been released in theaters today is a daring one. Directed by Bandiraj, the film is set in the entire village and stars Priyanka Mohan, Sathyaraj, Suri, Saranya Ponvannan, M.S. Many have starred, including Bhaskar. Several days later, the fans were all eagerly waiting to see Surya on the sloping storyline. Did the brave man fulfill everyone’s full expectation of anything ..? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy ..


People from both the North and the South are living as relatives by giving and taking women. Unexpectedly, Kannapiran {Surya பெண் a local woman commits suicide by hanging herself. Thus, there is a big problem between the two towns and the two towns split.

Surya, who is a lawyer, lives happily with his family as his father, mother and uncle. Surya meets heroine Adini {Priyanka Mohan and falls in love with her and marries her. On the one hand the story moves like this, on the other hand, the villain info எடுத்து vinay எடுத்து takes the video of women in the wrong way and uses them for the wrong things. In it he kills women who are not submissive to him.

Knowing this, Surya makes several attempts to stop the villain Vinay. In it he encounters many sad things and many sorrows. Did Surya escape from the tribulations of being shut down? Isn’t it Did Vinay save the lives of women who were trapped? Isn’t it Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

Surya, who plays the role of Kannapiran, is intimidating in his performance. The performance of the heroine Priyanka Mohan, though a little warlike in the beginning, attracts everyone who watches the film to her side as the scenes go on.

Sathyaraj, Saranya Ponvannan, M.S. Bhaskar, Prince, Devadarshini have expressed their experiential acting. Suri’s comedy has only become some workout. Despite some scenes of fame, Aanganke laughs. Ramer, Charan Shakthi, Divya Duraisamy acting adds strength to the film.

Actor Vinay, who plays the villain, has shown a similar performance to Surya. Director Bandiraj’s Marriage Mara Storyline Super. Although there is a slight lag in the screenplay in the first half, there is no shortage of vibrancy in the second half of the film. In particular, the song ‘Ullam Urukuthaiya’ may be omitted. He has rightly highlighted the sexual harassment that takes place against women. Director Bandiraj has also categorically shown that women are not weak. Separate salute to him for that.

Fight scenes of Ram and Lakshman stunt masters have rocked the bar. D. Iman’s background music and lyrics are OK. R. Ratnavelu’s cinematography is superb. Strength to Ruben’s editing film.


Starring Surya and Priyanka Mohan


Important record required for the community


The first half was a little slow

Comedy is not a workout in some places

On the whole, Pakka is a commercial film that is celebrated by everyone from Surya’s fans to families.

2.75 / 5







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