Enemy Movie Review

Vishal, son of Thampi Ramaiah, and Arya, son of Prakash Raj, have been friends since childhood. Their friendship is very close as their houses are side by side. As Prakash Raj is a police officer, he teaches both of them how to shoot and how to shoot.

Suddenly Prakash Raj is killed and the two friends split up. Vishal then grows up and settles down in Singapore. In this case, an assassination attempt is being made on a minister. Vishal prevents this.

Vishal finds out that Arya was involved in the assassination attempt. What was the reason for Arya finally getting involved in the assassination attempt? Did the two friends get together? Isn’t it ..? Why was Prakash Raj killed? Is the rest of the story of the film.

Analysis of the image

In the film, Vishal and Arya have competed and acted in their own style. Both are intimidating in the action scenes. Mirnalini Ravi who is coming as the heroine has done the job beautifully.

Mamta Mohandas has impressed everyone who has given her re-entry. Prakash Raj and Thampi Ramaiah have done a great job. Anand Shankar is directing a crime thriller style film.

He has bought work efficiently between the characters. Arya and Vishal have been given equal roles. Going screenplay enjoyable is a big strength to the film.

The songs in Daman Music and the background music of Sam.C.S. The cinematography of R.D. Rajasekar is a feast for the eyes.


Vishal, Arya acting

Directed by Anand Shankar



The film is hard for little simple people to understand

All in all, Emini Diwali party ..

2.75 / 5







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