FIR Movie Review

FIR is a film released three years later starring Vishnu Vishal. Directed by Manu Anand and produced by Vishnu Vishal, the film has been released by Red Giant Movies. Vishnu Vishal, who has chosen a different storyline and acted in the film, was highly anticipated by the fans. Did the FIR movie live up to the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy.


Vishnu Vishal [Iporn Ahmed], who is looking for a job after graduating from IIT, is interviewed daily by several companies. But wherever he goes, Vishnu Vishal, who rejects him because he is a Muslim, gets angry with the rest of the people who see him as an Islamist everywhere, from a wrong perspective.

Abu Bakr Abdullah, on the other hand, is making bomb threats that will destabilize India. He belongs to an extremist race and continues to engage in many forms of violence. Abu Bakr Abdullah, who is wanted in India, is wanted by several Indian police personnel, including the NIA.

In this situation, many unforeseen incidents turn against Vishnu Vishal and the NIA decides that Vishnu Vishal is Abu Bakr Abdullah and arrests him. Did Vishnu Vishal save himself from this ..? Isn’t it ..? Who is that Abu Bakr Abdullah ..? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

The protagonist Vishnu Vishal is intimidating in his acting. Action, Mom Sentiment scores on everything. Gautam Menon, who will be an NIA officer, is going along with the character. Manjima Mohan and Raisa Wilson stand out in their respective roles. Reba Monica John does not have much screen space.

Actress Parvathi, who plays the mother of Vishnu Vishu, has shown realistic acting. The deputy officer in the NIA gets attention. His effort to catch Abu Bakr Abdullah, especially from the beginning to the end of the film, is commendable. Director Manu Anand’s storyline is superb. But, the screenplay may have strengthened a bit.

Going slow, the screenplay causes boredom over the film. He is working for an Islamic country to save the Indian nation and its people, regardless of caste, creed or government. However, director Manu Anand has made it clear that he is still looking at the Islamic Brotherhood with an extremist mindset. Arul Vincent Cinematography, G.K. Prasanna’s editing adds strength to the film. Ashwath’s music is OK.


Starring Vishnu Vishal



There could have been a little more vibrancy in the screenplay.

Overall a film worth watching for boldly stating the problem that happens in FIR practice

2.75 / 5







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