Life Screen Review

Only a few films in Tamil cinema will have the biggest anticipation. The main reason for that will be the directors of the film, so the next life of Arun Prabhu who gave the super sensational film Aruvi has come on OTT today, how can we watch the film ..


One thing that many people here question is whether life is worth living because the mindset of having to run to the office in the morning when tomorrow dawns will come today.

Man Pradeep, who lives the life of such a machine, one day embarks on an unexpected journey. The story of the film is the people, places and experiences he met during that journey …

Analysis of the image

There have been a lot of travel stories like this in Hollywood and other world cinemas, many of us have all seen the movie In Do the Wild directed by Hollywood director Sean Penn.

Similarly, although it is a travel story, the way it was changed to suit our Tamil and showed it to us is good. The protagonist of the film Pradeep is definitely a welcome talent and has played his role wonderfully.

In the scene where he is approaching with the heroine, everything is so beautiful that two people are acting awkwardly. The biggest strength of the film is the music, the cinematography and the lyrics.

More than all of this is the cinematography, the experience of traveling with the hero ourselves, the second half screenplay that seems to be lacking in the film despite all this plus.

Something can not be seen together with the film, although the second half is a huge visual treat, the lack of largely stressful scenes reduces the enjoyment.


The plot of the film

The verses of the film, the technical team, the music, the cinematography are all there.


The second half of the film is a little less interesting

All in all let’s travel with the Life Hero and see for ourselves.








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