Mahan Screen Review

Fans will have the biggest expectation on only a few actors in Tamil cinema.

They will think that he has to win somehow, Vikram is such an actor, let’s see how his acting mahan who came out on Amazon frame.


Vikram’s father thinks that Vikram should grow up to be a son from an early age and Vikram’s family is formed as he accepted.

Simran Vikram’s wife, to become an honest government official, but Vikram did not like this honest life drop.

To think that one day we will have to live like our favorite, when everyone in the house goes to Tirupati and realistically meets Bobby Simha and starts drinking, the next day it comes to Simran’s knowledge.

Immediately he takes his son to another city saying that he will not live with you even if he drinks one day, after which the rest of the story is about what happens next in Vikram’s life.

Analysis of the image

Vikram rushes to Rudra after a long day, even though the first half hour comes as Ambia, and once Bobby Simha gets friendly, all his plans to level the cargo empire with him are thwarted. The game is exciting as Dhruv Vikram comes and stands to suppress Vikram’s game as Valartha Keda flows on his chest.

But even though the first half went briskly, the father-son game went a little slower in the second half. Although the character is not a bit suited for Dhruv Vikram, his voice gives majesty to that character. Karthik Supuraj is proving to be an ardent fan of Rajini, Toronto and Martin Soccersey.

Like Commander Rajini-Mammootty, Vikram and Bobby Simha have tried to show that something is not emotionally connected. Vikram’s shooting is all Toronto style, with music by Santosh Narayanan. The cinematography is also stunning.


The contribution of the actors, especially Vikram, is excellent after a long day.

Background music for the film, technical things

The first half of the film


The second half is a screenplay that goes a little slow.

Overall the dad-son game is a little sober but satisfying for the fans.

2.75 / 5







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