Maran Movie Review

Karthik Narain’s Direction, Dhanush’s Story, Investigative Journalist’s Maran has been released on Hotstar on March 11 at 5 pm.

How is the picture? Let’s buy


At the beginning of the film Maran Dhanush’s father Ramki is working in a press office. Being fair and honest he writes in the press with evidence about the deaths of students in a school.

The rowdies mislead Ramki as his wife is taken to the hospital for delivery while she is pregnant. Ramki fights with them and dies. Maran kills Dad right in front of his eyes.

After that the baby girl is born in childbirth and the mother also dies. Maran raises his sister by saying that he is raising himself and makes him a great man. In the media he is constantly fired for being as honest as his dad. He then joins the website where Malvika Mohanan works. Once he gets to work there, there will be enough to ask what media everything like this happens to be.

Maran, who shows talent at work, brings many great things to light. Only then did Dhanush come to know that former minister Samuthirakani was trying to win the by-election by committing some irregularities in the voting machine. He tries to kill Dhanush in a rage as the news of it comes out. But does not end.

At one point, Dhanush’s sister is burned to death. The rest of the story of the film is whether Dhanush finds out who did it.

Analysis of the image
When Ramki is shown as an honest journalist at the beginning of the film we can definitely predict that they are going to kill him. These are the clichd scenes that Tamil cinema fans used to watch at the beginning of the film.

Dhanush has no scope in acting as he is a role that always gets drunk and falls. It is not necessary to say how Dhanush can act.

Unlike the master film, Malavika Mohanan has got time to act in Maran. But the women who work in his role media seem to show in general that everything will be like a drinking clown. The villain Samuthirakani has perfected his role.


Maran has to give big credit to the editor of the film. He cuts and moves the scenes in a story that has no center.


That’s the big villain story of the film. The story stretches to climax without understanding what it is moving towards. Brother – Sister Sentiment, Love is just as stress-free as anything.

Even some of the twists that come in the second half of the film are not surprising.

Arata fruity story. At the climax of the film comes a verse in which the villain speaks, “Can you write whatever the media wants?” Director Karthik Narain may have shown some inclination to criticize the media in the story. He may have written such compelling verses to the hero Dhanush.

All in all, when you finish watching ‘Maran’, ‘Is this really Karthik Narain’s film that took Poles 16?’ Appear to ask.

Rating: 1.75 / 5







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