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  • Review of Ajith’s Strength movie

    Strength is a film that the entire Indian cinema has been eagerly awaiting. Strength Glimpse has multiplied the anticipation of the fans who had been expecting to see Ajith in a proper action movie for many years. Storyline In Chennai, youths belonging to the Satan Slave group have been involved in various crimes by keeping […]

  • The Batman Movie Review

    Batman is a popular character who is loved by everyone around the world. There is a huge crowd of fans who can watch anything that comes out about Batman like comic, cartoon, movie, game. Let’s see how The Batman, which is currently being released in a new version starring director Robert Pattinson and directed by […]

  • Daredevil screen review for anything

    Two and a half years after Surya starrer, produced by Sun Pictures, the movie that has been released in theaters today is a daring one. Directed by Bandiraj, the film is set in the entire village and stars Priyanka Mohan, Sathyaraj, Suri, Saranya Ponvannan, M.S. Many have starred, including Bhaskar. Several days later, the fans […]

  • Radhe Shyam Movie Review

    Radhe Shyam is a multi-lingual film starring Prabhas, who has become a Pan-Indian star after Bhagwati. Actress Pooja Hegde is the heroine and Sathyaraj, Sachin, Jayaram and Jegapathi Babu are in the lead roles. In this review we will see to what extent the Radhe Shyam movie produced by UV Creations has met the expectations. […]

  • Maran Movie Review

    Karthik Narain’s Direction, Dhanush’s Story, Investigative Journalist’s Maran has been released on Hotstar on March 11 at 5 pm. How is the picture? Let’s buy Story: At the beginning of the film Maran Dhanush’s father Ramki is working in a press office. Being fair and honest he writes in the press with evidence about the […]

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