Palace 3 Screenplay

Following the success of Palace, Palace 2, the Sundar.C directed film Palace 3 was produced by Khushbu on behalf of Avni Cinemax and released by Udayanithi Stalin through his company Red Giant Movies. Starring Arya, Sundar.C, Vivek, Rashi Kanna, Sampath, Andrea, did the film, which was released with great anticipation, meet the full expectations of the fans? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy.


Growing up as the daughter of Palace Gemindar Sampath, Rashi Khanna learns that there is a ghost in the palace at an early age. To tell this to his father, Sampath sends his daughter to a hostel at an early age. After this, Arya is waiting with the intention of telling her love to Rashi Khanna who will return to her hometown as a young woman many years later.

To keep the love track going to one side, one night Rashi finds out that there is a ghost in the palace again. Destiny escapes from the demon who twice tries to kill himself. Rashi Kanna immediately tells Sundar.C about the hugs and demons going on in the palace and he too starts to find out why all this is happening.

Sundar.C, who is advancing every step of the way in his endeavor, is shocked to learn that a demon has infiltrated the body of an important person. Did he succeed in trying to get Sundar.C to somehow save this family and Rashi Kanna and Sampath from the demons ..? Isn’t it ..? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

Palace 3, which has developed into a commercial film, is in the guise of Palace 1,2 films already seen. Although the horror scenes are not green, there is no vibrancy in the film. The acting of Arya, Sundar.C and Rashi Khanna is realistic.

Even though he has left this house, actor Vivek, who has taken his place in our minds, has acted perfectly in the role given to him. Yogi Babu does not have much scope. Despite the comedy, the laughter did not come. Nalini, Sakshi Agarwal, Manopala, Amit, baby Veronika Arora, Sampath, Vela Ramamurthy’s acting is OK.

Actress Andrea has once again proved that she can only express her best performance no matter what role she is given. His acting bears the image. The screenplay is a little slow. Although the songs are not work out, composer Satya is intimidating in the background music. U.K. Senthil’s cinematography brings the grandeur to the forefront. VFX Super.


Starring Arya, Sundar.C, Rashi Khanna

Background music

Andrea’s intimidating acting



Comedy does not become a workout

The whole dough is ground Palace3

2.25 / 5







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