Review of Ajith’s Strength movie

Strength is a film that the entire Indian cinema has been eagerly awaiting. Strength Glimpse has multiplied the anticipation of the fans who had been expecting to see Ajith in a proper action movie for many years.


In Chennai, youths belonging to the Satan Slave group have been involved in various crimes by keeping a bike.

Their crimes such as chain robbery, drug trafficking and murder are rampant beyond the control of the police. Ajith, on the other hand, lives with his family in Madurai as Assistant Commissioner Arjun.

Ajith is coming to Chennai with his family due to the action of his brother and brother. Ajith, along with Huma Qureshi, who later became an officer in the Narcotics Division, begins to investigate a murder in Chennai.

The investigation reveals that all the crimes in Chennai are being perpetrated by youths belonging to the Satan Slave group, and then Ajith catches Karthikeyan, who has been the leader of the Satan Slave for so many days and has been carrying out all the crimes from behind without facing any action.

Meanwhile, the screenplay of the film changes when it is revealed that Ajith’s brother also belongs to the Satan Slave group. Then the rest of the story is about how Ajith Karthikeya breaks the conspiracy and rescues his brother from the Satan team.

Analysis of the image

It can be said that Ajith has been supporting the movie Valimai from the beginning to the end. After all these days, he keeps the fans who see Ajith on the screen mesmerized by his appearance and acting.

Huma Qureshi, who plays the main character in the film, has also put on mass scenes and bought globs. Karthikeyan, who has made his debut in Tamil cinema as a villain, has been intimidated by his performance.

And some of the other actors who have starred in the film have done their part better. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

At the beginning of the film, director Vinod’s style shows the crime scene in the city. Since then the first half has been going briskly in top gear.

Not even a single spot is boring until the interval, which goes on with such dramatic scenes. But Ajith ended the second half with the usual scenes of the film.

The second half tests patience in a few places a little bit, Family Sentiment is not something big to touch. But that bus bait is a milestone in Tamil cinema, with Vinod taking the menacing look for the scene as well as Dileep as the master stent.

Plus Nirov Shah’s cinematography bears the brunt of the whole film, which can definitely give him a separate award, the music is yuvana, zibrana unknown, just about the genre.


The first half of the film

The fights are all Hollywood style

Technical Work


The second half could have been a little more scissoring.

Sentiment scenes are not sticky at all

Although the strength of the overall Vinod Touch is not great, it will be a film that Ajith fans will celebrate.








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