Sivakumar’s Oath Movie Review

Hip Hop Adi has introduced himself as a composer, hero and director. He made his directorial debut with the film Mustache Twist, again directing and starring in Sivakumar’s Sapatham. With the much-anticipated Sivakumar’s vow film released in theaters today, did it live up to the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy.


Varadarajan, who lives in Kanchipuram, continues his weaving business as his heritage business. Though not a weaver like his grandfather Varadarajan, the protagonist Sivakumar {Hip Hop Adi இருக்கிறார் is involved in the business of selling silk.

Murugan {prankster Rahul வரும், who happens to be Sivakumar’s uncle, leaves home after marrying the girl he fell in love with at a young age because he did not get much affection from a young age. This aside, he, his friend and grandfather Varadarajan are arrested by the police for suddenly causing trouble to the hip hop master.

To save them, prankster Rahul, who is re-entering as the son-in-law of big businessman Chandrasekhar, takes Sivakumar with him to his uncle’s house, thinking that if Sivakumar is in Kanchipuram, he will not fit in with life. There, love blossoms again for Sivakumar who meets his ex-girlfriend.

The heroine’s uncle, who sees the hero and heroine walking around the city together, beats Sivakumar. Sivakumar and prankster Rahul are in big trouble because of what Murugan இதனால் prankster Rahul செய்யும் does without even seeing that he is his wife’s brother. Then Sivakumar swears for his uncle. Did Sivakumar win that oath? Isn’t it ..? Was Varadarajan’s weaving industry saved by Sivakumar? Isn’t it ..? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

As always, hip hop star Adi has been active in capturing young fans. Kadir, who comes as a friend to the protagonist, has revealed humorous acting. Rahul, who has been doing prank on youtube for so many days, has made his acting debut with Sivakumar’s Sapatham. He has acted well despite being the first film.

The heroine Madhuri has played the role given to her perfectly. Similarly, Varadarajan’s character adds strength to the film. While the comedy was a good workout in some places, the laughter did not come in many places. Despite being a commercial film, some of the songs spoil the well-moving story.

Kudos to the hip hop master who thought we should let everyone know the way of weavers. But there may be a little more focus on the screenplay. The background music adds strength to the film. The cinematography of Arjun Raja is commendable. Directed by Hip Hop Adi OK.



Starring Hip Hop Adi, Kadir and Prankster Rahul

Background music


The screenplay is a little war


Overall the hip hop Adi has experienced slippage in his acting journey

2.5 / 5







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