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Recently, films have been made in Tamil cinema focusing on real events. Currently in that line, the speaker film based on a true incident has been released. G.V. Directed by Satish Selvakumar and starring Prakash and Divyabharati, the film is produced by Dilli Babu. Let’s see, to what extent this film has met that expectation, from the greatest expectation among the youth.


The protagonist G.V. Prakash is in the mood to not care about what happens around him and what happens to others. GV that doesn’t see much of anything. When Prakash meets the heroine Subbu {Divyabharati முதல் for the first time, he suddenly changes.

GV coming from Chennai to Bangalore for work. Prakash, with the help of his close friend, tries to stay in the same house with the heroine. Since both of them work in an office and on the recommendation of the person, the heroine has to say ok to it, both of them live in the same house.

As the days go by, love blossoms between the two. However, G.V. Prakash alone does not admit that this is love. It is the closeness between the two that leads to their separation. How did the two of you deal with the problems that arose between the two after the split and the shut-ups that followed, and came out of it ..? Did the two finally get back together ..? Isn’t it ..? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis about the image

Actor GV has shown a completely different performance in the film than usual. Prakash. Debut heroine and actress Divyabharati has done a great job in the first film. Claps to Divyabharati for her realistic performance in the first film.

Bucks Bhagwati Perumal, Munishkanth and Arun’s acting add strength to the film. Moreover, G.V. Everyone who comes as Prakash’s friends goes along with the scenes. The performance of both the mother and sister of the protagonist is also commendable.

The storyline chosen by debutant director Sathees Selvakumar is superb. He has chosen the characters accordingly. He has taken every scene with realism. Special thanks to cinematographer Theni Ezwar for that. Director Sathees has taken the story, script and movement all right and added a bit to the screenplay.

Despite being an adult film, the director has handled every scene in a way that does not make the viewer’s face frown. San Lokesh’s editing super. Sidhu Kumar’s background music and Gavin Chidambaram’s soundtrack take the film to the next level. A.H. Every song composed by Kaship, Thibu Ninan Thomas and Santosh Sivasanmugan is OK.


Starring Divyabharati and GV Prakash

Movement of Sathees Selvakumar

Verse, plot

Background music, soundtrack


The screenplay is a little messy.

This speaker has captivated the minds of the youth as a whole.

2.75 / 5







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