Teddy Movie Review

Although the impact of the corona has diminished and films have been released in theaters, some films have been released on ODD due to the weather. In that line Teddy movie starring Arya and Saiyasha has been released on Hotstar. Did the film, which was made in a very different storyline, meet the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it Let’s see that.


Actor Arya plays an OCD victim. What makes him extra special is his ability to learn any art instantly.

There is no one else who can turn Teddy into a doll but his wife and actress Saiyasha. Why does he become a teddy bear? Will he become Saisha again? Isn’t it That is the end of the story.

Analysis of the image

Arya has done well in the film without compromising on her performance. Kids are fascinated by the teddy bear’s prank, and funny things.

Teddy is a realistic CG effect for kids as soon as they see the movie. However, the director may have avoided some of the glitches in the screenplay.

Director Shakthi Saunder Rajan has handled the film differently with a beautiful teddy bear in the medical crime thriller.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. But it would have been even better if the villain character had been designed a little more strongly.

D for the film. Imman’s music has added strength. And Yuva’s cinematography is excellent.


Arya’s acting

Realistic CG

D. Music of Iman



A little slippage in the screenplay

May add strength to the villain character

Overall this teddy is set to be a celebratory film for kids.







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