Veerame Vagai Hot Movie Review

Vishal starrer The movie ‘Veerame Vagai Soodum’ directed by Saravanan has been released today. Released after the third wave of Corona, the film has been well received by the fans.


The protagonist Porus {Vishal வருகிறார் is trying to become an ‘SI’ in the police force. Wherever he sees injustice happening, he immediately gets angry. Although Vishal’s father repeatedly advised that this anger was not good for the police, Vishal did not listen.

On the other hand, ‘Holiness’ is revolting against the factory run by the villain Baburaj. Baburaj first bargains, thinking that his political dream, by the revolution of holiness, will go away as a dream. But, the saint who says I will not be seduced by money, Porus kills.

Seeing this murder, Baburaj kills Vishul’s sister at the same place. Vishal’s family is devastated by his sister’s death. After this, who killed his sister ..? Why was his sister killed ..? Did Vishal find out ..? Isn’t it ..? Did Vishal get ‘SI’ posting in the police department ..? Isn’t it ..? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

Vishal has excelled in his acting as always. Scores in action, sentiment, anger. Vishal witnesses his brother’s affection for justice for his sister’s death. Yogi Babu is not only for comedy but also for his friend Vishal. The debut heroine, Dimple Hayati, has done the job given to her in the first film.

The performance of Vishal’s younger sister Raveena, father Marimuthu, Akilan, Deepti, Ilango Kumaravel, among others, is commendable. The plot taken by the director is superb. Although Klabs bought the screenplay in several places, the director has met with juices in a few more places. Saravanan.The running time of the film is negative for the film.

Baburaj, who happens to be a villain, excels in acting. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs and background music are OK. Separate claps for cinematography. Gavin Raj is especially intimidating in cinematography in fight scenes. N.P. Srikanth’s editing adds strength to the film.


Vishal’s acting


Sentiment scenes

Fight scenes


The run time of the film

Could have focused a little more on the screenplay

All in all, it was heroic.

2.75 / 5







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