Velan Movie Review

Velan is the debut film of Mugen Rao who has captured the hearts of Tamil fans through his show Bigg Boss. The film, which is set in a family storyline, has generated anticipation among Mugen fans. Did Mugen, who created anticipation among the fans in the first film, fully fulfill it ..? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy ..


Prabhu’s son Mugen is angry and does not speak because he did not study properly and wrote and passed Class XII 3 times. Mugen goes to college one way or another, where he falls in love with the heroine Meenakshi.

Meenakshi hails from the state of Kerala and writes a letter to someone she loves in Malayalam. That bite causes trouble for Mugen and his love.

At the same time Kerala MLA. Harris Ferdy tries to resolve the feud with the Lord. Did Mugen finally grab his girlfriend? Isn’t it What is the problem between Harris Ford and Praveen? Is the rest of the story of the film ..

Analysis of the image

This is a great introduction to Mugen. The first film is an unbelievably good performance. Melting for love, the father scores in acting as affection. Meenakshi Govindarajan, who played the heroine, has done a beautiful job.

Brigitta keeps an eye out for a pet fight with Mugen. Rahul in the first half and Suri in the second half keep laughing at the comedy. Prabhu, Harris Perady and Thampi Ramaiah have shown their experience. Director Gavin is directing the film with the commercial aspect of love, comedy and affection.

The elegant screenplay has added strength to the film. Kopi Jegatheeswaran’s cinematography is a feast for the eyes. Kopi Sunder is a genre that listens to songs in music. The song ‘Sathiyama Solrendi’ sung by Mugen in particular has captured everyone’s attention. Some of the scenes and features featured in the film make fans bored.


Starring Mugen Rao, Prabhu, Suri, Rahul


Songs, background music


Some features and scenes that are not needed

Overall a treat for Velan Commercial fans ..

2.5 / 5







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