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  • நெற்றிக்கண் திரைவிமர்சனம்

    Nayantara starrer Vignesh Sivan’s production has been released live on Hotstar ODT site, Nertikkan. Following Nayantara’s film Mookkuthi Amman, this film has also been released live on ODT. But, like the nose goddess, did the forehead meet the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it Let’s buy .. Storyline At the beginning of the film, actress […]

  • Teddy Movie Review

    Although the impact of the corona has diminished and films have been released in theaters, some films have been released on ODD due to the weather. In that line Teddy movie starring Arya and Saiyasha has been released on Hotstar. Did the film, which was made in a very different storyline, meet the expectations of […]

  • This is not another level, more than that … Director’s review seen by Karnan Teaser

    Karnan is the sequel to the upcoming film Perumal directed by Mari Selvaraj. Dhanush plays the protagonist and Santosh Narayanan composes the music and Thanu produces the film. Three songs from the film have been released so far and have been well received among the fans. Famous director Subramaniam Siva has criticized the teaser of […]

  • Cotton Screenplay

    Many films have been released in the Tamil film industry despite many obstacles. Cotton is a movie directed by Prabhu Salomon and starring Vishnu Vishal and Rana Tagupathi. While only talking about people’s problems in the film, Cotton also talks about the problems of the animals that live in the forest. Did the film live […]

  • Life Screen Review

    Only a few films in Tamil cinema will have the biggest anticipation. The main reason for that will be the directors of the film, so the next life of Arun Prabhu who gave the super sensational film Aruvi has come on OTT today, how can we watch the film .. Storyline One thing that many […]

  • Charbatta Heritage Screen Review

    New ventures rarely take place in Tamil cinema. Thus, from his first film, Pa. Ranjith was the one who imprinted many new things and revolutionary ideas in the minds of the people. The 5th film in his lineup, The Charbatta Dynasty, has hit the screens today. Did Ranjith’s touch in this film also give him […]

  • Trash screen review

    Directed by Simbu Devan and produced by Venkat Prabhu, the film will be released on the ODT site. Did the film with 6 stories meet the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it Let’s buy. Storyline Regina falls in love with Premji’s helpful attitude when she works for a private company. As the two fall in […]

  • Profit Screenplay

    Although many films like love, action, thriller have been released in our Tamil film industry so far, S.P. Jananathan. He has given us great works that will never leave our minds, even though they have left our soil. The film released today starring Vijay Sethupathi under his direction is a profit. Did the film, which […]

  • One in a million movie reviews

    Anantha Krishnan directed movie starring Vijay Antony is one of the millionaires. With the theatrical release of several issues and the release of films, the much-anticipated One in a Million movie has now been released on a grand scale. Did the film, which was released with great anticipation, meet the expectations of the fans ..? […]

  • Sivakumar’s Oath Movie Review

    Hip Hop Adi has introduced himself as a composer, hero and director. He made his directorial debut with the film Mustache Twist, again directing and starring in Sivakumar’s Sapatham. With the much-anticipated Sivakumar’s vow film released in theaters today, did it live up to the expectations of the fans? Isn’t it ..? Let’s buy. Storyline […]

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